Buy-Back Program FAQ
1. What is Buy-back program?

For some items you purchased from LUXCELLENT website, you can sell it back to us for 70% of what you bought it for. Not all the items are eligible for buy-back program. To find out if your item is eligible for buy-back program, please check the product listing tab. If an item is eligible for buy-back, there will be a "Buy-back" tab on the product listing. If there is no "Buy-back" tab on the product listing, the item is not eligible for buy-back program.

2. Can the buy-back price be negotiate?

No. For buy-back eligible items, the buy-back price is fixed. Please refer to the buy-back tag for the buy-back price of the item.

3. How many days do I have in order to be eligible for buy-back program?

From the day of purchase, you will have 90 days to initiate a buy-back request with us. On 91st day, if you would like to sell the item back to us, you will need to submit a selling quote to us as if this is a new item because it is out of the buy-back 90 days period.

4. What if I would like to sell back an item I purchased from LUXCELLENT but the item is not eligible for buy-back?

You will need to submit a selling quote to us under our normal selling procedure. Only eligible buy-back item will be processed through the buy-back procedure.

5. How do I get paid for buy-back program?

You can choose from 3 payment options: 1. Paypal 2. Chase Quickpay 3. Company check. For Paypal and Chase Quickpay, you will need to send your payment information to us in order for us to send you payment upon receiving your item. For company check, please send us the address of where should the check be sent to and who should we address the check to. After we receive the item, it will take 1-2 business days after we inspect and verify the item before we send out the payment. e

6. Is buy-back shipping cost free?

Yes, the shipping is free with our shipping label! Once you sign the buy-back agreement and email it back to us, we will send you a free shipping label via email for you to ship the item back to us. If you choose to use your own shipping service, the shipping cost will be your responsibility and our company will not refund for the shipping cost that you have paid for this shipment. Any lost or damage occurs during transit will be your full responsibility if you use your own shipping service.

7. Why my buy-back item is refused?

There are 3 reasons why an eligible buy-back item is refused upon receiving the item back at NYC Fashion Revival. 1. The item you have sent to us contains more than normal signs of wear. 2. The item is a different item than the one NYC Fashion Revival has sold to you. 3. You have returned not only a different item, but also a counterfeit. Our buy-back program team will contact you and let you know the reason why your buy-back request is refused. If the item contains more than normal signs of wear, we will send you a new quote price for the item. If you accept the new quote price, we will send the payment of the new quote price. If you do not accept the new quote price, we will need to charge a $25 handling fee (this price includes shipping cost for both ways) for returning this item back to you.

8. I don't see my item is eligible for buy-back. Can I still request a buy-back for my item?

Unfortunately, no. If your item does not have the eligibility for buy-back, we will not be able to offer a buy-back price. However, you can always use our selling service and sell the item back to us. Please follow the selling procedure to submit this item in order to receive a selling quote from our buying team.

If you have more questions that are not listed above, please contact us directly. Our customer specialists will answer your questions during our office hours!