Authentication FAQ
1. What if I was told to provide additional photos?

Please send us additional photos via email that our authentication team requires at your earliest convenience. The longer time it takes to receive required photos, the longer time for our authentication team to provide you with an authentication result.

2. What are the required photos?

Clear and straight photos of the item's Front, Back, Hardware, Stamp, date code/serial number, engraving, hot stamp (if any), lining, zipper pull (if any), zipper (if any), and any other information that you can provide for a more accurate authentication result.

3. When will I receive an authentication result?

Please allow up to 3 business days to receive your authentication result as we receive large amount of authentication requests on a daily basis.

4. Will I receive a certificate of authenticity? Can I request one?

Unfortunately, our company currently do not offer certificate of authenticity. However, if you purchase an item from our company directly, you may request for a certificate of authenticity upon your purchase with us. Our authentication team can issue a certificate of authenticity for a flat rate fee of $5 upon your request.

5. Can I use your company's authentication result for dispute purpose?

No. All of our authentication results can ONLY be used as to acknowledge the item's authenticity. We will not answer or be responsible for communicating with the third party who you are disputing to.

6. What is the cost to request authentication service

To thank all of you who have supported LUXCELLENT, we are now offering free authentication services to everyone! We only authenticate handbags from Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Chanel at this moment.

7. Are you 100% sure of your authentication result?

An authentication result is the opinions given by LUXCELLENT authenticators, based on their knowledge obtained from years of collecting, buying, selling, and studying designer luxury brands. Every effort is made to ensure opinions provided by LUXCELLENT are accurate.

8. I want to dispute a claim with the authentication result LUXCELLENT provides. What can I do?

We are sorry if you need to submit a dispute claim for a possibly inauthentic item you purchased from others. The authentication result that our company provides should NOT be used toward any kinds of disputes or claims. LUXCELLENT is not liable for any loss resulting from the opinions provided, and does not have control over the final decision rendered by the third party handling any disputed claim. As we understand that no third party should claim themselves be responsible and guaranteed an authentication result regardless of their reputation in the second-hand luxury market. Only the owner of the brand is entitled to fully claim an item's authenticity.

9. Why should I choose LUXCELLENT for authentication service?

We are one of the most reliable and affordable companies that you can find over the internet to receive an authentication result on the handbags you have purchased!

10. How many authentication request can I submit?

Only one authentication request will be allowed per day per customer. If you submit a new request when you still have a pending request, your second request will be pending until the first request has a result.

10. How to find my authentication result?

You will find the result under Your Account > Authentication Requests

11. Why is there a quote price within my request?

We provide a quote price to all items that we have provided an authentic result with. Customer can have the option to sell the item to us with the quoted price without the hassle to submit a request to sell to us!

12. What kind of items can I submit for free authentication service?

We currently only accept free authentication requests on handbags from Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Hermes because jewelry and accessories require on-site verification for a more accurate authentication result.

If you have more questions that are not listed above, please contact us directly. Our customer specialists will answer your questions during our office hours!