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,the word coined with the combination of "Luxury" and "Excellent", presents the core concept of our business that is to provide our clients with affordable, authentic and luxury merchandise as well as excellent and unforgettable buying experience. Since 2013, LUXCELLENT® has worked diligently to maintain such high standards without any compromise. 


We understand finding a perfect luxury piece at the right market price is very time consuming, especially when there are many counterfeits in the second-hand market, which makes finding your new piece to your collection even more difficult.


This is why LUXCELLENT®, one of the best consignment boutiques for pre-owned and authenticated designer goods, is here to help. With our experts who have decades of experiences in pre-owned luxury designer industry with well-trained research capability, we are confident that we are able to offer authentic preowned luxury piece at unbeatable, and leave customers plenty of time saved for enjoying the new purchase.

Every luxury piece that comes into LUXCELLENT® will be evaluated and inspected throughly and extensively by our in-house experts. This will ensure that each is carefully verified and described before appearing on our website and all other platforms that LUXCELLENT® uses.


We are honored to be recommended by every customer who has written feedbacks to our services.

Besides our own website, LUXCELLENT® is also on Tradesy, Etsy, LePrix, Poshmark, Vestiaire Collectives and Joli's Closet.

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We have dedicated account managers and team members for each selling platform. Please contact us through the platform where you would like to complete the purchase as price can vary during different promotions run by our own and the platforms. 

If you see our items being listed on websites other than the above websites, please do not purchase from them. LUXCELLENT® will try every effort to protect our photos and listing from being used by others without permission. However, due to internet flexibility, it is still impossible to 100% avoid others taking advantage of our properties. Please report to us and let us know if someone pretends to be LUXCELLENT®.